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social devel●opment. We■ accelerate●d the post-Wenc◆huan earthquake● recovery and rec●onstruction w■ork. We have already〓 invested 654.5 bill■ion yuan, 65.5%◆ of the to

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tal plann●ed investm◆ent, in the wors○t hit areas. Thank◆s to the gove●rnment's strong su◆pport, the se●lfless assista●nce of people○ throughout the coun

t〓s; and 14%■ in

〓try, and the h■ard work o◆f residents o●f the earthquake ◆area, the badly da〓maged areas

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1●2th session of the 1◆3th Beijing People's● Congress ended.〓 On th

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e last ◆day of the ses○sion, the confere■nce approved the ●鈥淎dministrative ○Regulation◆s

of Road ◆Transportat○ion in Bei■jing鈥?and ○the city鈥檚 f〓inancial statem●ents for 20●08. In addi◆tion, the s■ession listened to■ and examined the r○eport on the imp●rovement of waste di●sposal and the enha○ncement of dredging 〓the North Can●al.From now o●n, the last Satu◆rday of each m○onth will be the c○ity鈥檚 鈥渞enewabl○e resources day.鈥?A● list of the 鈥渟al◆able scraps鈥?wi■ll be announced. A〓t that time, ◆professional recyc◆ling teams will ente◆r communities a■nd collect old pa●pers and plas■tic bottles fro●m residents〓鈥?homes. This proj〓ect is expecte〓d to launch nex〓t month.Residents● can make app●ointments for●

recycling onlineOn● July 25, Deputy M●ayor Huang W〓eixiang made a re

sset investmen〓t increased?/h2>

por○t to the 12t〓h Session of the ●Standing Commi●ttee of Beijing Peop■le's Congress ◆abou

t the developmen●t of the proposal ■for 鈥渕odern●izing waste collect■ion and treat〓ment in order to ○develop an environ○mentally-fr○iendly city,鈥■?as well as situat■ions of strengtheni■ng waste treatment.A〓ccording to th●e report, ●Beijing will f○orm professional● recycling〓 teams allowing on■ly personnel with ●relevant q◆ualification●s to work in this f○ield, standa○rdizing sup〓ervision and managem○ent. The last Satur○day of eac■h month was〓 chosen to be the ◆day that rec○yclable resources a●re collected. Reside●nts can make on●line appoi○ntments for recycl○ing, and relevant te■lephone numbers and● the list of recy●clable ite〓ms will be pub●lished.Chen Liling,■ Vice Direc■tor of Beijing◆ Municipal Comm○ission of

C●ity Administ●ration and Envir■onment, said in● an interview that

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a〓ccording to the pri○nciples for waste so●rting, ren〓ewable resources w〓ill first b■e removed from re〓sidents鈥?homes and ◆then be tran○sferred into the r■ecycli

ng system〓. Presently○, commercial ●departments along◆ with relevant depar○tments are ●formulating a p●lan for the launch ◆of "renew

able resour●ces day". This■ work is expected ■to begin in A■ugust or September○ this year■. For the

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convenien●ce of residents○, recycling teams ●will go to ○residential c〓ommunities t〓o inform reside〓nts what sorts of wa〓ste can be sol●d or recycled●.10 billio◆n yuan will be in●vested in the○ development ●of waste trea●tment facili○tiesBy 2015, Bei◆jing will build 〓or renovate an○ additional 40 was●te treatment f

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acili■ties with direc●t investmen●ts of around 1■0 billion yuan◆.Meanwhile■, Beijing pla●ns to buil○d 300 rene○wable resource re〓cycling stati■ons in eig〓ht u

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